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";s:4:"text";s:18199:"Originally, Kara was designed to be very customizable. She can interact with other objects that will jog her memory. This also results in the death of Alice (and Luther if he is present). If the Kara chooses to remain distant, and their relationship is poor, Alice splits away from Kara, either along with Luther or by herself. She will also serve as a mother figure for Alice.. Kara is voiced and motion-captured by Valorie Curry, who also portrays Emma Hill in The Following and Dot Everest in The Tick. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème detroit: become human, detroit, jeux. Kara has to quickly hide all evidence indicating the presence of deviants, such as bags of thirium and the door leading to the grieving androids. Afterward, Todd will turn his aggression on Kara and destroy her. Maybe we can be friends again?" He assigns her to look after his home and daughter, Alice. This spans two chapters: Crossroads and Battle for Detroit. Alice comments positively on the new style and heads to her bath; while waiting, Kara can change the channels on the TV and see a news bulletin about Todd. Every choice you make affects the outcome of the game, with one of the most intricately branching narratives ever created. If the officer suspects nothing, he leaves the house and Rose returns with urgent news that they have to flee tonight. Since she was repaired, she doesn't have her old memory. CyberLife (creator)Todd Williams (owner)Zlatko Andronikov (owner, determinant) If failing to move forward a third time she will be fatally shot in the chest. Kara is one of the protagonists of the video game Detroit: Become Human.She is an AX400 Android who serves the Williams family, but will get to deviancy if the player makes her a Deviant. Before getting back in line, Adam will show support for the androids after seeing if the protest is peaceful. Brown(changeable to Blonde, White or Black) Kara has the option to keep living or give up. Kara' chapters feature several gameplay measures/stats: the in-common Public Opinion and the personal Relationship Status with Alice and Luther. 79 Detroit: Become Human HD Wallpapers and Background Images. Detroit: Become Human est une exclusivité PlayStation 4 éditée par Sony Interactive Entertainment. Kara can talk to the scarred android if freed from Zlatko. After Rose leaves, Kara will have the option to check on Alice and look around at the belongings in Rose's house. Kara initially distrusts Luther but accepts his aid in taking them to someone who knows how to cross the Canadian border. If they go to the border, Kara can choose to steal the ticket or give it back. If Kara protected Alice during the boat ride, she will be mortally wounded. Hair color Detroit: Become Human: Kara Trailer - PS4. If she fails, the officer is killed by Luther. They drive the group to the river to cross the Canadian border where a smuggler waiting for them and Rose gives the smuggler the cash for the boats. Wake up... Wake up! Kara then distracts the police officer by pretending to be Adam's mother and hiding all androids evidence, which will succeed or fail, but if she succeeds, Rose will then enter and tell everyone that they are leaving. Occupation - Wallpaper Abyss They then order another deviant to move his body into one of the trucks carrying destroyed androids. Appears in: Kara has the highest number of good possible endings of the protagonists. In any case, they will escape through the back. The drawings reveal that Todd has been physically abusing her, and that Kara's recent destruction had been at his hands. Luther is glad to see her and hugs Alice warmly, while Jerry makes his own way to the bus station and mentions to Kara that he owes her a favor. Vous trouverez dans cette section de la soluce Detroit : Become Human, toutes les interactions vous permettant de compléter à 100% le Chapitre "Bataille pour Detroit - Kara quittant Detroit". He angrily grabs her and accuses her of hating him, but tearfully relents. Detroit Become Human, the new game from Quantic Dream, has arrived on PlayStation 4. While upstairs, she may discover a dead human body in the bathtub. It's as simple as that." After changing clothes, Kara and Alice go to Zlatko's house, Zlatko pretends to be nice to her before trying to reset her. She will also serve as a mother figure for Alice.. Kara is voiced and motion-captured by Valorie Curry, who also portrays Emma Hill in The Following and Dot Everest in The Tick. If Kara gives the tickets back to the family or misses the bus, soldiers begin using thermal scanners to identify androids. Do-Gooder Physical description Upon leaving the motel room, she sees several cops including Hank Anderson and Connor. The plot follows three androids: Kara (Valorie Curry), who escapes her owner to explore her newfound sentience and protect a young girl; Connor (Bryan Dechart), whose job is to hunt down sentient androids; and Markus (Jesse Williams), who devotes himself to releasing other androids from servitude. Alice will be uncomfortable and upset. Kara is the only protagonist that isn't a prototype. This chapter begins after completing Night of the Soul. Kara follows and witnesses the android Andy cradling and crying over his lover Mary, who has just permanently deactivated. In order to evade him, Kara and Alice climb a fence and attempt to cross a high-speed freeway. The next day, Kara, Alice, and Luther find someone by the name of Rose Chapman, who will help them cross the border. If she discovered the gun in "A New Home," she can grab it and use it to threaten Todd. "Her father was beating her. If they go to the checkpoint, Kara hands over their ID's and talks to a soldier who question their presence despite the curfew. When Zlatko's car, which they took, runs out of gas, they go to an abandoned amusement park to find shelter for the night. [4], In 2038, Kara was again damaged, with Todd claiming she was involved in an automobile accident. ConnorLutherJerrysRose ChapmanAdam ChapmanMarkusAndroidsJericho: Todd Williams (owner)Zlatko Andronikov (owner, determinant). Kara is the only playable character whom the player has the freedom to change her appearance (in her case, her hair color) based on their choice. If the protest is peaceful, the security guard lets them through, which will result in an happy ending. The only thing she maintains is her blue eyes. : « Détroit : deviens humain »), est un jeu vidéo franco-américain développé par Quantic Dream, édité par Sony Interactive Entertainment, et paru le 25 mai 2018 sur PlayStation 4 [2].. About Regardless of which she tries first, she ultimately decides that they must flee, with their success determined by the player. Luther is a companion of Kara after Zlatko's death, he assists Kara with strenuous work, including breaking into abandoned shelter, and expresses parenting tendencies to Alice, assuming a fatherly figure to Alice and subtly trying to influence Kara into adopting a motherly role towards Alice, despite the fact that all three of them are androids. She can ask a Jerry, Luther, Ralph (if met in "Fugitives") or the scarred android to create a distraction for Kara to move over. Hobby On the way, they find Luther (if Kara helps him in Crossroads) and a Jerry held hostage by a soldier. If Kara and Alice survive their encounter with the police, they reach the location they were given by the WR600, which turns out to be the home of a seemingly sympathetic human, Zlatko. If Kara breaks her programming, she has the option of attempting to reason with Todd or running upstairs to rescue Alice. Affiliation Sacrifice Luther: Luther is killed by the soldiers and Kara and Alice cross the border. She is capable of being gentle, caring and compassionate. Zlatko confronts the duo and plans to kill them, but Luther intercepts and disarms him. This height was measured in blender from the model of Kara ripped from the game. Eventually, if they stayed at the motel or squat, Kara falls asleep either next to Alice or in a chair.[7]. If Todd is alive, he catches Kara and confront her, angrily calling trying alert soldiers that they are androids as revenge for leaving with his "daughter". Bryan Dechart's Twitch Mod & Community Manager's Twitter, https://detroit-become-human.fandom.com/wiki/Kara?oldid=40472, Hide behind Luther: Luther dies shielding the two, Hide (if Luther is dead): Alice is injured. Kara may also have a change of heart and can take different stances in regards to empathy on machines. If Kara, Alice, and Luther go to the river, this will result in Luther's death and Alice's death or she can survive, but if Kara makes it to the border and steals the ticket, she, Alice, and Luther then take the bus to to the Canadian border where they find out that there are temperature checks to see if they are not androids. Luther is shot by a soldier during the escape and urges Kara to save herself. Kara can ask Jerry if he has seen Alice anywhere and he says he will ask the other Jerrys. If Alice is distant and feels disconnected from Kara, she wanders away; at this point Kara may abandon her, or reconcile and escape together. 11 juin 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Оксэ. Alice? If Connor refuses to follow the order, he mounts the fence and attempts to accost the duo on the highway. Kara then thanked him for sparing her. Alice, Kara, and Luther at the bus terminal in Battle for Detroit. Dans Detroit Become Human on retrouve le personnage de Kara mais aussi Connor et Markus, trois androïdes que le joueur incarnara successivement tout au long du titre. The player can choose between four colors: Brown (default), Blonde, White, and Black. Venez découvrir tout ce qu'il faut savoir sur la partie : "Chapitre 24 : Train de minuit" du jeu Detroit : Become Human dans son wiki. When Kara and Alice are reunited they make their way through the house as Luther discovers that Alice is gone. They turn out to be a fearful group of EM400s who collectively call themselves “Jerry”. 0. After a while, a group of snow-worn androids begin storming the tavern. She is a common housemaid android serving in the home of her owner Todd Williams and caring for his daughter Alice. For Detroit: Become Human on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What hair color did you choose for Kara? A police officer then arrives at the door, patrolling the area for deviants. Download This Guide. This walkthrough will guide you through all of Kara’s choices of the Crossroads level for 100% completion. Unlike Markus and Connor, Kara is small, not very strong and inexperienced in combat, and when it comes to fighting bigger and stronger opponents she tends to encounter, she has to make use of her wit to come out in one piece, and relies on the environment around her and creativity to win a fight. Kara and Alice's fate rely on what choice Kara makes: If Kara chooses to keep the tickets, the group takes the bus to the Canadian border. AX400 #579 102 694ArcherMom (by Alice) Aliases In choosing to stay, Ralph becomes excited at having visitors who won't harm him. They can hide in various places throughout the house and sneak through the rooms until they make it to the stairs. Gender If Alice's stress reaches 100%, Alice will run to Kara's line and leave Kara a choice. When she realized she was going to be reset, sold, and considered an object, Kara showed distress, noting: "I thought I was alive." As Kara and Alice continue their way to the bus terminal to get on the last bus, U.S. Army soldiers are patrolling the streets and capturing or shooting all androids seen in the area, leaving them with the task of having to sneak past them. Date of birth En vous faisant formater, vous allez devoir retrouver votre mémoire. Every choice you make affects the outcome of the game, with one of the most intricately branching narratives ever created. Detroit: Become Human Collectors’ Edition announced, includes Kara figure Tuffcub 29/05/20 1 No it’s not 2018 again, Detroit: Become Human … The other examples are Lucas Kane and. Kara appears in the least amount of chapters out of all three playable characters, with 11. Kara was also aware that Alice was an android the entire time, but repressed her knowledge of it out of a desire to act like a mother figure to a human child, to the point where the player can decide to be colder to Alice as a result of this. In several paths she may become selfless and entrust Alice to Luther should she choose to sacrifice herself. They then disembark and try to find a new place to spend the night. •Tenue "Parking": Kara porte une veste marron qu'elle a trouvé dans une malle de voit… This is a permanent, relationship-ending split. Pour la toute première fois de son histoire, le Musée Grévin a choisi de faire entrer des personnages androïdes dans le musée et de dédier un espace de 75 m² au jeu vidéo Detroit: Become Human du studio français Quantic Dream. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Kara's first line in the game is "My name is Kara". If the group is caught, it leads to Kara Captured. The android with the ID KPC-897-504-C, soon named \"Kara\", was assembled. Post Comment. Kara If Luther is alive, Kara can converse with him. Determinant She may find a pair in the parking lot or by stealing them in the supermarket. Detroit: Become Human Kara Leaving Detroit Endings. Later, to change her appearance and make her less easily identifiable, she removes her LED and cuts her hair into a short pixie style; at the same time, the player can alter her hair's color, choosing between white, blonde, black, or the previous brown (this choice can only be made once, and whatever color is picked remains for the rest of the game). When she encounters a Jerry, he tells her that one of him found her. Kara, Alice, and Luther (if he did not die in Midnight Train) say goodbye to Rose who tells them to find Markus. 31 déc. However, if Kara was delicate with Ralph and instead convinces him to let them go, Ralph will protect them and claim not to have seen them. She may reassure Adam and confess that she really does feel emotions since she met Alice, even though many other people think that androids are just machines. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Kara will then encounter an android girl who looks exactly like Alice and will discover that she was an android herself. However, if he does not notice, he will instead go up to the motel room with Hank and find that they have already fled. - Wallpaper Abyss The only two times she is seen fighting is when she escapes from Todd with Alice and when she is escaping Jericho. “We’re free Alice! If Kara sacrifices no one and the androids lead a violent revolution, the guards will capture them and execute them. which is similar to the central question/tagline of, If Kara sacrifices herself at the Canadian border, she will tell Alice, “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Alice.” This may be referencing one of Ethan's lines in, Kara's story seems to take inspiration from the slaves who were using the. As a deviant, Kara is primarily motivated by a desire for parenting. However, the envelope containing their tickets falls out of her bag. The key opens a keepsake box in Alice's room; within the box is a pressed four-leaf clover, a photograph of the Williams family, and distressing drawings made by Alice. While searching, Kara may find a frantic, mutilated android in a bathtub who is loyal to Zlatko and a polar bear android that she can release. Before falling asleep, Kara may offer Alice items if she stole from the supermarket; Alice accepts the stolen stuffed toy, but she will refuse any candy, as she is not hungry. Detroit: Become Human Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kara, Alice, and Luther will then meet the Jerrys and make Alice ride the carrousel, which still works despite the park being closed. She is an AX400 Android who serves the Williams family, but will get to deviancy if the player makes her a Deviant. If they are successful, they will get to the train station undetected; but if they are spotted, they run and are persued by Connor. Kara's connection to her young charge may trigger an upheaval that breaks Kara from her repetitive existence and starts her on a journey out into the world, at a time when androids may rise up and confront their creators. Alice, Kara, and Luther attempt to cross the river in Battle for Detroit. Once they reach Jericho, Kara goes to Markus‘s office to meet him; if he had died in Freedom March, she will meet North instead. Eventually, Kara and Alice escape downstairs and to the backyard where Alice stumbles and falls. If unable to defeat the soldier, they are shot. Battle for Detroit is the thirty-first chapter in Detroit: Become Human. After becoming a fugitive, Kara has several outfits of human clothes throughout the rest of the game: If captured in Crossroads or Battle for Detroit, Kara will be forced to deactivate her skin and strip off her clothes. Initially, Kara wears a standard android uniform style, with a white and black short-sleeved tunic and white pants and shoes, alluding to the French housemaid dress (if she stays in the abandoned car but does not take the jacket, she can remain in her uniform until after “Zlatko”). Luther initially begins to panic and believes they are onto them. When Kara is ordered by Todd to stay still while he abuses Alice, she pushes beyond her programming and gains awareness so she can protect her; she would not have deviated in the first place if it was not for her love for Alice. [3], On November 5, 2038, at 03:24 PM, Kara reboots in the Android Zone store. Afterward, she does anything she considers necessary to ensure Alice's safety and well-being, no matter the cost to herself and others. During her assembly, the android "Kara" was tested on her physical and cognitive functions by the Operator. Kara returns downstairs after Alice settles into the spare room with Luther, who offered to stay with her. ";s:7:"keyword";s:26:"detroit: become human kara";s:5:"links";s:1026:"Rmc Sport 3 Canal+, Lyon St étienne Train, Flixbus Pau Toulouse, Splendeurs Et Misères Des Courtisanes Analyse, Teddy Thomas Femme 2020, Soutien-gorge Lejaby Nuage, Julie Christie Awards, Ufc 261 Carte, Ufc 262 Tickets, Bras Ouverts Grasse, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}