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Moribund Esports

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Manager

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Moribund Esports is currently seeking to fill the position of team manager for their CS:GO team.  While working in this position, you will be expected to regularly meet and speak with the CS:GO team, and report back to the organization's management.  Duties would include securing tournaments for them to participate in, creating expectations for performance, and if not met, making necessary roster changes, and seeking, recognizing and fulfilling the needs of the players on the team.
The position is unpaid with no prior experience required, however CS:GO background will be necessary to carry out this job successfully.  As an unpaid job, it is estimated that it will be easily taken care of in less than an hour a day.
Requirements for this position include

  • Fluent English speaker

  • Age of 16 or older

  • History/background in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • Management experience considered an asset

To apply for this position, please email myself at jon.v.sheppard@gmail.com with any application or resume that contains the information required to assess you.  You will be contacted within 24 hours.